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“Thrilling Moments: Unveiling the Latest Dancing with the Stars Champion!”

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A fresh victor emerged in the latest edition of “Dancing with the Stars”!

After a season 32 filled with tears, triumphs, and weekly tests of dance routines, only one contestant was named the “DWTS” champion, taking home the coveted Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy.

The culmination on December 5th was a page-turner for the books, as the remaining five couples presented two dance performances during the three-hour-long finale.

In the end, Jozef Chitil Gomes and Val Charmakovsky were crowned the champions of season 32.

Before the big reveal, Alison Hannigan, Ariana Maddix, Charity Lawson, and Jason Meraz were also part of the competition. Judges Derek Hough, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Bruno Tonioli presented a lively evening with hosts Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough for all the couples in season 32.

Ribeiro and Hough had their shining moment, adding a touch of wonder with special guests gracing the stage. Additionally, Meraz showcased his hit performance of “I Feel Like Dancing.”

But that’s not all! Season 31 winners Charlie Di’Melio and Mark Ballas made a special return to the stage for a memorable performance.

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Before announcing the season 32 “Dancing with the Stars” champion, the audience was treated to unforgettable performances, special moments, and much more.

The conclusion of season 32 was marked with a tribute to the late Len Goodman, who passed away with love and respect. A picture of Goodman, the departed judge, and former dancer and teacher appeared on the screen with the caption, “In Loving Memory of Len Goodman.”

Goodman had been a presence on “DWTS” since its inception, and his demise in April at the age of 78 was a moment of sorrow for fans and fellow dancers. Following his death, “DWTS” judges and dancers expressed their grief and honored him online.

Before season 32, it was announced that the Mirrorball Trophy would be renamed in his honor.

After a three-hour mega finale, each of the five couples delivered two performances. Following the judges’ scores and fan votes, everything boiled down to one winner. The season 32 “DWTS” champion was officially crowned.

Before crowning the winner, each contestant was shown a video of good wishes from their friends and family. Alison Hannigan received messages from “How I Met Your Mother,” “American Pie,” and even “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” stars.

Jason Meraz’s cat also sent him a message, and other co-stars sent inspiring messages too.

The champions of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 32 are Jozef Chitil Gomes and Val Charmakovsky. This marks Charmakovsky’s third win.

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Jason Meraz and Daniela Karagach
Ariana Maddix and Pasha Pashkov
Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev
Alison Hannigan and Sasha Farber

During the finale of “DWTS,” Jason Meraz performed “I Feel Like Dancing.” Meraz not only sang but also danced twice during the competition, and his musical performance was a highlight.

As Meraz sang a hip-shaking song, the pro dancers for the “DWTS Live 2024 Tour” showcased regular choreography by Mandy Moore. Judge Derek Hough also participated in the dance, singing, and rhythm aspects of the performance.

For each couple, the total score for “DWTS” Season 32 is a combination of scores from the previous week and the points earned after each of their two dances during the finale.

Gomes and Lawson are tied for second place. Maddix and Meraz are neck and neck, while Hannigan is at the bottom. However, fan votes contribute to half of the score.

The question remains, who will be crowned the champion of “DWTS” Season 32?
Jozef Chitil Gomes and Pro Val Charkovsky’s Overall Score

Jozef Chitil Gomes and Pro Val Charkovsky chose the ballroom to perform a foxtrot on Katy Perry’s song “Unconditionally.” The judges, energized by Marvel Star’s performance, were highly impressed.

Bruno Tonioli expressed joy, Carrie Ann Inaba called it a “powerful and amazing performance,” and Derek Hough mentioned it as a “symbol of grace and fluidity.”

Here are their individual scores:

Carrie Ann Inaba: 10/10
Derek Hough: 10/10
Bruno Tonioli: 10/10

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Combining this with their previous week’s score, this duo had a perfect score of 90. They got another chance to maintain their perfect score in the freestyle round.

This pair returned to the ballroom, showcasing a performance on “Que Calor” by District 78. The dance was a fusion of Latin, hip-hop, and ballroom.

Tonioli praised their exceptional talent, Inaba admired their representation of Latin dance, calling it a “bold” performance, and Hough mentioned the deep connection between them.

Carrie Ann Inaba: 10/10
Derek Hough: 10/10
Bruno Tonioli: 10/10
Their total score for the finale: 120.

Alison Hannigan and Pro Sasha Farber’s Overall Score

Alison Hannigan and Pro Sasha Farber were the first pair to perform in the finale, taking the stage with a salsa dance on Gloria Estefan’s “Get On Your Feet.”

The former “How I Met Your Mother” star received praise from the judges for her first dance. Eliminated star Harry Jossi also had teary eyes, waiting for the judges to reveal their scores.

Here are their individual scores:

Carrie Ann Inaba: 9/10
Derek Hough: 8/10
Bruno Tonioli: 8/10
Their cumulative score until the night was 76.

For the freestyle round, they showcased their skills on Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted (Taylor’s Version)” / Jennifer Lopez’s “Papi.

Hough admired Hannigan’s energy and dedication, Tonioli expressed joy in seeing her as part of the show, and Inaba, echoing her fellow judges, celebrated Hannigan as the “people’s champion.”

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Carrie Ann Inaba: 9/10
Derek Hough: 9/10
Bruno Tonioli: 10/10
Their total score for the finale: 104.

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