“AEW Revolution 2023: Highlights, Winners, and Surprises – A Comprehensive Recap”

Adam “Edge” Copeland made his debut for AEW after the Wrestling Dream’s main event, as he utilized his Metalingus theme.

After a heel turn by Nick Venom, Edge came to the rescue of Derby Allen. Edge, often referred to as Rated R Superstar, chased after Christian, who had attacked Sting with a con-chair-to.

AEW Revolution 2023 primarily advertised the men’s show, showcasing MJF defending the ROH Tag Team Championship against The Righteous. Chris Jericho and the Golden Elite will face Don Callis’ Family TNT Champion Christian Cage against Darby Allin.

AEW promoted one of its patented “dream matches” on television without any build-up, as Bryan Danielson and Jack Saber Jr. were locked in a technical wrestling masterpiece.

AEW Revolution 2023 Results | October 1st

-MJF defeated. Dharmatma | ROH Tag Team Title

aew all atlantic championship
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-Eddie Kingston defeated. Katsuyori Shibata | NJPW Strong, ROH World Championship

-Chris Statlander defeated. Julia Hart | TBS Title

-Young Bucks defeated. The Guns, The Lucha Brothers, Hook, and Orange Cassidy

-Swerve Strickland defeated. Executioner Adam Page

-Ricky Starks defeated. Wheeler Yuta

-Bryan Danielson defeated. Jack Saber Jr.

-Callis Family defeated. Jericho and Golden Lovers

-FTAR D.E.F. Australian Open | AEW Tag Team Title-Christian Cage defeated. Darby Allin | TNT Title

-AEW Revolution 2023 Winner and Grade

MJF DEF. Dharmic
The Righteous’ theme music is excellent.

Babyface MJF was inspired by the Seattle Supersonics for his ring gear.

MJF threatened a Dutch body slam, and the matter was settled. It should be noted how MJF can excite fans with simple, safe moves that don’t require anyone to be dropped on their head.

MJF ultimately won the match with a modified piledriver using his feet on the ropes. Thank goodness this is AEW, where the action is very intense.

Please note that the translation may not be an exact word-for-word match but captures the essence of the content in a simplified and human-friendly manner.Defeated. Katsuyori Shibata

aew sting
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Among the many matches that were featured on the pay-per-view with no build-up, this was one of those matches that had no storyline attached.

Eddie Kingston and Shibata engaged in an impressive technical wrestling match, but how many people actually watched and/or cared when there was Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs playing on another channel?

Chris Statlander defeated. Julia Hart
While this AEW women’s match on the pay-per-view was rare, AEW has done a good job with Julia Hart’s development, which includes a very impactful entrance.

Chris Statlander and Hart make good dance partners, as the big Statlander was capable of tossing her around like a sack of potatoes.

Hart struck a nice-looking dropkick on the suspended ropes and got the fans genuinely behind her during the match. Fans chanted “This is awesome” during the bout.

Statlander continued her winning streak, defeating Julia Hart with the Saturday Night Fever.

Young Bucks D.E.F. The Guns, Lucha Brothers, and Orange Cassidy and Hook
Excalibur noted that Orange Cassidy and Hook were the only tag team in the match that didn’t have a blood relationship with each other.

They were the only team that had never won the AEW World Tag Team Titles and were a makeshift team with no team name.

This was a high-octane AEW party match you’ve come to expect, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining.

Interestingly, Young Bucks beat FTAR with the Trigger, and they’ll now challenge FTAR for another showdown. If Young Bucks don’t win this time, I’ll be surprised.

Swerve Strickland D.E.F. Executioner Adam Page
Swerve’s enthusiasm as a hometown hero was evident, but Executioner Adam Page still received mixed reactions.

AEW roster
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Executioner Adam Page wore the ‘Doo-Doo Brown’ pants similar to Shawn Michaels when he won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2002.

Prince Nana’s dance was ongoing, but the climate in the Seattle Climate Pledge Arena didn’t seem too eager to join him.

As soon as Page received medical attention, Swerve attacked Executioner Adam Page, so despite being cheered like a babyface, Swerve was still a very aggressive heel.

Executioner Adam Page hit a Buckshot Lariat, but due to a hand injury, he couldn’t go for the pin.

Swerve won the match with an enthusiastic reaction and the JMEL Driver.

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