“The Intriguing Odyssey of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, a Dynamic Power Couple”

For that couple who have everything and can always acquire more and more,

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez have invested some billions in a unique project: a ground-level clock deep in the depths of a mountain range in West Texas.

Sanchez told a Vogue writer that the “10,000-Year Clock” provides them and her future husband, the world’s second-richest man, a way to “think about the future.”

While flying the Vogue writer over Bezos’ West Texas ranch in a helicopter, Sanchez, with breathtaking views below, discussed the 10,000-year clock.

It’s one of the half a dozen or more luxurious properties in their estimated $500 million real estate portfolio, including locations like New York, as reported by Vogue.

According to the Vogue report, on the ranch, Bezos and Sanchez host extravagant vacation celebrations for their extended, blended family. They also launch rockets from Bezos’ Blue Origin space facility.

The West Texas property includes a family compound with a two-story main residence and a pool around it, designed to resemble a pond with rocky shores, according to Vogue’s Clo Miale, who spoke with Candice Bergen’s daughter, Vogue reported.

jeff bezos lauren sanchez wedding
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In case you didn’t catch it, Bezos has just acquired a pair of neighboring residences on Indian Creek Island in South Florida, famously referred to as the “Billionaire Bunker.” This exclusive real estate investment amounts to a staggering $147 million, as revealed by a well-informed source.

There, recent neighbors include the newly divorced Tom Brady and former White House deputy chief of staff Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, with whom Sanchez mingled at Kim Kardashian’s birthday celebration in October, according to the insider.

Allegedly, at the outset of this month, Bezos, boasting an approximate net worth of $160 billion, declared on Instagram his departure from his enduring Seattle abode, revealing plans to construct a new residence in Miami alongside Sanchez.

Meanwhile, Sanchez, labeled a philanthropist in Los Angeles, maintains her status with a Tudor mansion in Beverly Hills valued at $165 million, as reported by the New York Post.

Over recent weeks, her close associates Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg orchestrated a second celebratory event at her Beverly Hills estate, attracting a constellation of high-profile guests. Long-time friends of Sanchez, Chris Jenner and her daughters Kim and Khloe Kardashian, were among the celebrity guests.

Back in West Texas, Sanchez and Bezos posed for photos for Vogue’s December cover story, shot by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. One image captures the couple sitting face to face in a pickup truck wearing cowboy hats.

Another features Sanchez in a Dolce & Gabbana gown with a sequined serpent descending a rocky staircase in the rustic setting, with a 10,000-year-old clock in the background.

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The Daily Beast’s “Wealth and Power Reporter” Noah Kirsh said that the clock, located 500 feet underground, appears to be a “somewhat bewildering first” in his Wealth and Power Report.

Kirsh also mentioned that Sanchez and Bezos’ specific indulgences were intended to ignite a sense of “eat the rich” in Vogue’s cover story.

In the story, Sanchez dismissed the question of whether she and Bezos are environmental hypocrites. The couple promotes themselves as dedicated environmentalists through their Earth Fund, a $10 billion commitment to climate solutions.

However, it’s clear that the lifestyle choices of the couple also contribute significantly to carbon footprints, much like other ultra-rich individuals.

They enjoy multiple estates and private jet travel. At the very least, their super-yacht “Koru” is a naval vessel, but Sanchez also enjoys flying her helicopter, as she did when she took the Vogue writer to see the 10,000-year clock.

Miale described how Sanchez landed the helicopter on the edge of a mountain, allowing both to descend a rocky slope to locate the clocks inside a cave. Sanchez emphasized the need to fully appreciate the “engineering feat accomplished with an eye towards future generations.”

For the 10,000-Year Clock’s website, Bezos mentioned his collaboration with its “patron,” inventor, entrepreneur, and computer scientist Danny Hillis, who started their work on parallel computing and artificial intelligence.

The Long Now Foundation, based in San Francisco, which is part of this effort, was created to build this “Clock of the Long Now” as a “vast, mechanical monument” to enhance “long-term thinking.”

Miale explained that creating space for the clock involved a year of digging 500 feet into solid limestone and more than two years for a robot cutting stones from the cliffs.

Inside, massive titanium and stainless gears resemble components of a giant wristwatch, showcasing a 10,000-pound brass-coated concrete pendulum.

jeff bezos lauren sanchez wedding
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Sanchez attempted to explain the concept of the clock, telling Miale that it displays five metal anniversaries that will chime like traditional coal clocks every year, every 10 years, every 100 years, every 1,000 years, and every 10,000 years.

Bezos perhaps clarified it a bit better by saying the clock should “tick once a year for the next 10,000 years,” becoming “a symbol” and “a symbol for long-term thinking.”

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