“Unveiling the Legend: David Beckham – A Journey of Success and Impact”

One of the most recognizable figures in the world is David Beckham,

a former football captain from England who married a Spice Girl and now owns the Major League Soccer club Inter Miami.

“Brand Beckham” shook the world in the 1990s and 2000s, propelling David and Victoria Beckham into international stardom, reserved for those who transcend the boundaries of their celebrity careers and become pop culture icons of their era.

Getting to know more about Beckham may seem unlikely, but in a Netflix documentary released on Wednesday bearing the same name, there are several revelations directed by “Succession” star Fisher Stevens, who paints a complex picture of the soccer star.

Victoria Beckham ‘doesn’t like football’
Already famous in their own right, the marriage between “Posh and Becks” catapulted both of them into another realm of celebrity, fusing the worlds of football, pop culture, music, and later, the fashion industry.

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But, as it turns out, Victoria Beckham “doesn’t like football” and never will, she says in the documentary, marrying one of the most famous sports personalities.

They both recall their first meeting and the early days of their new relationship, trying to keep it a secret by meeting in car parks and stealing kisses in cars. Victoria jokingly commented, “It’s just as grimy as it appears.

Partnered with Spice Girl Mel C after participating in a Manchester United game, she wrote her number on an airplane ticket and gave it to her future husband.

Victoria and David Beckham address allegations of an affair
However, the image of a happy marriage shattered in April 2004 when the now-defunct British tabloid “News of the World” accused Beckham of having an affair after his transfer to Real Madrid.

Although the couple doesn’t directly address the allegations in the documentary, they speak about the impact of such allegations on their marriage and the subsequent media coverage.

In the documentary, Beckham reflects, “I have no idea how we managed to pull through it with integrity,” adding, “Victoria means the world to me. To see her hurt was the most difficult thing… what we had to fight for was worth fighting for.”

On her part, Victoria says, “It was the toughest time in our marriage” because “it felt like the world was against us… and we were against each other.”

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David Beckham’s depression after the 1998 World Cup red card
As much as Beckham enjoyed magical moments on the football field, there was one incident that threatened his career: when he was given a red card during the 1998 World Cup match against Argentina for flicking Diego Simeone.

The incident led to his ejection from the round of 16 match, leaving England’s chances in jeopardy.

On the England penalty, he lost the match and was knocked out of the World Cup, which sparked a wave of mistreatment towards Beckham. Victoria said, “It was public harassment on another level,” she mentioned that during this time, her husband was “clinically depressed” and “broken.”

Beckham’s friend and business partner, David Gardner, recalled people spitting on them on the streets and hurling themselves into their car windows at traffic lights.

Beckham said that due to the mistreatment, he felt “very unsafe and alone” during that period, but “I found it hard to talk about what I went through because
The situation was incredibly intense… the entire nation had a strong aversion towards me.
He still blames himself for the red card 25 years later.

David Beckham Enjoys Beekeeping
After retiring from football, Beckham became a co-owner of Inter Miami and found other ways to spend his time, including beekeeping and cooking.

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The series concludes with Beckham cooking with his family in a sunroom, a place where he stays “calm” on Saturdays, grilling while watching football on his iPad.

Victoria’s Birth Photo Shoot as a Pop Star
Sometimes, the impact of professional commitments would intersect with important moments in Beckham’s family life.

One example is when she had to break the news to her wife that their third son Cruz would be born from a photo shoot involving pop icon Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

“I was… very serious, I was about to burst,” Victoria said 18 years later in the documentary.
“I’m lying here, can you imagine I’m just kidding?”

“You’ve recently completed a stunning photoshoot with the incredibly glamorous Jennifer Lopez, who certainly isn’t expecting a baby.” So, my c-section is booked, and I remember I was laying there,

“I didn’t have that sense of being the most beautiful.”

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Victoria remembers that on the first page of the newspapers, there was a picture of Beckham standing between Beyoncé and Lopez with the headline, “What will Posh say?”

In the documentary, she quips, “Let me share what Posh’s reaction was.” “Posh was clearly displeased.

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