“Harry Styles’ Bold Transformation: The Musician’s Major Change”

According to the pictures obtained by TMZ on Thursday,

Harry Styles recently chopped off his attractive brown locks, and now he’s making waves in the fashion world.

The 29-year-old “Adore You” singer debuted his new look while participating in a concert at the Las Vegas Sphere with his 29-year-old girlfriend Taylor Russell and a group of friends.

The Grammy winner, casually dressed in a white T-shirt, showcased his new ‘do while dancing to some of the band’s biggest hits, keeping his head fully on display.

Styles, seen standing behind the actress, had his arm around her shoulder as they swayed back and forth. Lovebirds, who first connected in June, smiled as they watched the spectacle unfold around the venue.

Onlookers told outlets that the couple looked completely immersed in love during the outing, taking sweet selfies and sharing kisses throughout the night.

While this duo seemed to be in high spirits, Styles’ new haircut disappointed many of his fans.

harry styles candle
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A Twitter user expressed, “My admiration for Harry Styles knows no bounds, and I’ll stand by his choices, but I must admit, this haircut is not hitting the mark. I apologize.”

Meanwhile, someone else quipped, “What’s the point of being named Harry Styles when there are no styles left to embody?”

A third person asked, “Is Harry going through a midlife crisis,” and the fourth jokingly said, “Harry, take off your bald cap, don’t play with me.”

However, others immediately embraced his new look.
A fan shared, “Alright, with every replay of this video, the haircut is growing on me and getting hotter.” This is the Harry Styles effect.”

“He looks good in this,” someone else said, with another agreeing, “Wow, he looks more beautiful.”

In 2020, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer caused a stir by stepping out with long, flowing locks and, after much talk about his mustache, eventually revealed a tight crop.

Although fans initially hesitated about the short-on-top, shaved-on-the-sides look, they eventually learned to love it – much like Styles has done throughout his hair’s evolution.

While he had to cut his hair for his role in “Don’t Worry Darling” at the time, it’s unclear what prompted his latest decision – especially now that film shoots are set to resume after months of hiatus due to the ongoing actor’s strike.

Harry Styles’ album sales… Alright… crazy!

Harry, alongside Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, formed the ensemble known as One Direction (1D), leading to the necessity of sharing his income with his fellow (past) group members.

But still, the group made so much money that Harry easily became a millionaire. Let’s break it down:

According to RIAA, One Direction has made sales of $13.5 million in digital singles alone (compared to the total downloads of singles from the entire album, and to make it even simpler… a lot more).

harry styles band
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Meanwhile, the sales of their albums are astounding.
As an illustration, during 2013, Midnight Memories claimed the title of the year’s highest-selling album, boasting a global sale of 4 million copies.

Most of Harry’s money comes from touring/marches

One Direction continuously toured to boost their music and piled up cash along the way.
The tour they embarked upon in 2014, named “Where We Are,” stands out as conceivably their most influential, clinching the title of the highest-earning tour that year with an impressive $290.2 million.

Meanwhile, the “Take Me Home” tour in 2013 accumulated $114 million, and the “On The Road Again” tour in 2015 boasted a substantial revenue of $208 million. Sure, the boys had to share this money among themselves, with their management and the hundreds of people working behind the scenes, but still. That’s a substantial sum!

Meanwhile, the business approach adopted by One Direction has been nothing less than exceptional. Finding the official sales numbers is challenging, but name any household item (trash can? shower curtain?), and they’ve surely put their name on it and sold it to fans.

Credit to Anand and his acting!

Let’s bear in mind that Harry took on a pivotal role in Dunkirk, likely bringing in a substantial sum, especially considering its status as the highest-grossing World War II film, accumulating an astounding $527 million globally.

harry styles grammy
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There were also rumors (rumors being emphasized here, but I’ll include you without any fuss!) That he pocketed a handsome $2.5 million for his performance in Don’t Worry Darling. And although he probably didn’t earn that exact amount, he likely made quite a bit during the film’s shooting.

Let’s talk real estate

For your information, Harry has some money tied up in real estate too. Recognition is due to a residence in Los Angeles, listed for a staggering $8.45 million in May 2017, a New York City apartment supposedly offloaded for $8.7 million, and three London properties purportedly valued at £3 million, £8 million, and £4.175 million, respectively.

He has his own “Life” brand

How delightful! In November 2021, the singer admitted, “I wanted to find a way to explore more thoughts and wanted more opportunities to collaborate with people who inspired me;thus, the birth of Pleasing… Starting a brand with a focus on beauty felt exciting because creating the best products is a unique way to make people feel good.”

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